Halal Killer Gets Acquitted

Yesterday a jury acquitted the guy who killed another guy over cutting the line at the Famous 53rd & 6th Halal Guys cart. Either they believed his “self defense” story, or they just understand how good the chicken and lamb over rice is. Lesson: don’t cut the line at your favorite halal cart.


  • hmmmmm….doesn’t sound like self defense to me, considering he chased the victim in his car….over line cutting……but whatever…..

  • Do people normally carry knives with them?

  • so glad he was acquitted, was worried about him being on the Lamb…

  • vdubjb’s on fire today! I’ll admit that I got a good chuckle from your comment.

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    @mkim1206 – many people do. There might be something similar very handy in a car that looks strikingly like mine. It might be there for a very different, innocuous reason, but if it exists, would handily accomplish anything mentioned in the article.

    You never know.

    @Goats – did he? The article I read mentioned them ‘chasing each other’ We don’t really know who chased whom, do we?

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    i dont know how to react to this… he gets away with murder… but both groups started a fight because one group wanted to cut the line on another group… for food, really?

    i think everyone in both groups (they both drove away from the cart and then had their fight) should go to jail for a while since they are all violent idiots

  • keep in mind that this guy not only did the stabbing, he also did the (line) cutting.

  • ok, i probably should have read the article first. but i was so sure that when the news first broke, that what i said was correct.

  • According to the other newspapers, the guy confronted the line cutters, they exchanged a few words, and then they chased him in their car, and cut him off with their car and dragged him out of his car, pulled a knife to his neck, and he pulled out his own knife. One of the linecutters even admitted that they lied to jurors, and attorneys about what actually transpired, and admitted what the stabber said was true.

  • HUH? WTF?

    Please cancel my application for New Yawk City citizenship.

    Thank you.

    Carry on.

  • satan has it right; goats/spydr missed it. The victim’s friend admitted he lied in the original version of the story. The guy that got stabbed was one of the 3 line cutters, the defendant (one guy, not part of a ‘group’) gave them crap about cutting in line next to him, the 3 guys chased the defendant, mixed it up, and held a knife to his neck when he finally stabbed one of the guys. The real story sounds like self-defense to me.

  • Will someone please kill nick solares.


  • But Nick Solares did not cut in line, and he’s a beef guy, not a cheicken/lamb guy……

    ….and he’s British…..


  • Yes, but he has TONS of beautiful tattoos.

    Just TONS!

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