How Much Pizza Do You Eat For “Lunch”?

Slice is running a poll asking readers how many slices is a lunch? I don’t know what’s crazier: that somebody would consider one piece of pizza a lunch, or that 3 wasn’t offered as a legitimate answer.


  • 2 is standard. 3 should definitely be offered as an answer. I wouldn’t put it pass anyone to eat 4 though either but that should be an immaterial %.

  • Whenever ‘Slice’ sees their hits on the decline, the ‘SeriousEats’ World Headquarters honchos run some silly, juvenile “poll” such as this. Gotta keep the ‘numbers’ up, after all.

    And all the silly juveniles, in their little corporate cubicles, madly type in their ‘responses’, so as to see their wonderfully intelligent and insightful comments appear on Slice’s earth-shaking website.

    And there are a few NYC people who will respond to the silliness. Fortunately, ONLY a few.

    Have a good day, pizza aficionados.

  • I agree with Zach. only listing a max of 2 slices is kind of like making a normative statement about how much people SHOULD be eating.

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    3 to 4… and im not a fatty… just italian

    and i dont respect slice as a representation of pizza in ny… they talked about coals grilled pizza, i ordered it, i threw it out, the first time i EVER threw out ANYTHING REMOTELY resembling pizza and that day i didnt eat breakfast or lunch… and ive eaten a taco shell with tomato sauce and cheese… it was just that terrible

    they only rated one other area near me, patricias, which is a brick oven place, but they didnt even bother venturing further into the italian neighborhood just blocks away from both places where there are 5 pizza places within 7 blocks of eachother at the time… now its up to like 9 with 2 brick over pizza places

    if they ignore my pizza places, i ignore them

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    and im talking about morris park, bronx on their list

  • What about small/personal pan pie?

    Good doctor–how many slices do YOU eat in a sitting?? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • @ Goats,

    I don’t eat pizza, because I can afford to eat REAL food.

    However, much to my embarrassment, my lovely wife (born and raised in San Antonio, Texas) loves the shit.

    So I am always on the cutting edge of pizza technology — unfortunately.

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    This is pretty ridiculous. I usually have 4-6 for lunch. 8 for dinner.

  • I have 2 for lunch but 3 if it’s dinner.

  • 2 for lunch, 4 for dinner.

    Whatever became of the movement to ban antagonistic trolls?

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