Revamped Chicken House Menu to Include Banh Mi & Pho

More news from the newly renovated Chicken House (on 36th btw. 7+8th) which is hoping to reopen next week.  I just got a copy of their new menu, and it’s twice as big as the original.  There are still super cheap platters of fried chicken, fried fish, fried shrimp and fried crabsticks… but the new Chicken House will also have Vietnamese banh mi, pho, and bun! If it’s good, this could end up being huge news! Check out the complete Vietnamese portion of the menu after the jump.

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

Pork Roll and Pate $5
Grilled Chicken $5
Grilled Pork $6
Grilled Beef $7

Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup

Beef $7
Chicken $6
Seafood $8
Beef Meat Ball $7

Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli

Pork Chop Bun $6.50
Grilled Chicken Bun $6.50
Grilled Pork Bun $6.50
Grilled Beef Bun $7

Vietnamese Egg Roll (4pcs) $5
Vietnamese Spring Roll (2pcs) $5


Vietnamese Black Coffee $3
Vietnamese Cafe Latte $3.50
Vietnamese Black Coffee w/ Ice $3
Vietnamese Cafe Latte w/ Ice $3.50

Chicken House, 270 W. 36th St. (btw. 7+8th), 212-695-3493


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