Black Shack Gets the AHT Once Over

What is it with today and burgers? Frites N Meats, Five Guys, Pop Burger, and now this… Burger expert Nick Solares weighs in on Black Shack today, the new burger place that opened on Lex btw. 38+39th a few weeks ago. As always, his A Hamburger Today review is geared towards the real burger aficionados (who notice things like “toothsome”-ness), but in the end he pretty much agrees with us average Midtown Lunch’ers. It’s a perfectly good version of a fast food burger, but nothing to go out of your way for.

Black Shack is Not a Destination Burger, But Will Work Out Just Fine For the Area


  • When Nick, a tattoo artist from London, England, tells me that the Black Shack burger does not meet HIS lofty expectations, you can BET your bippie that my wife and I will NOT be driving into Midtown to try one.

    I mean, pshaw, we are burger lovers from WAY BACK.

    But if the Black Shack don’t cut it with the head Serious Eat’s burger rater, then it sure as hell ain’t gonna please my wife (Doctor E.) or I.

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’, MTL. You saved us a trip.

    DocChuck and Doctor E.

    Now where in the hell did I put that bison burger with Velveeta?

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    After waiting 22 minutes they handed me a burger with no top bun. So long Black Shack, I found someone else, someone who treats me right.

  • I’m fairly certain DocChuck keeps his wife chained up in the basement.

  • I would if she hadn’t provided me with EVERY life’s whim, desire, and comfort.

    So, ALAS, I have allowed her to come OUT of the basement and to cater to my every need.

    But, thanks for commenting, ‘Formz’

    Carry on.

  • Yup, chains.

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