Diamond District Loses Decades Old Hidden Gem


Last week we got some terrible news from the Diamond District, the strip of jewelry shops on 47th btw. 5+6th known for their hidden lunch options.  The Diamond Dairy, a kosher luncheonette hidden in the back mezzanine of the jewelry exchange on 4 W. 47th Street has closed. Along with Taam Tov, the almost 60 year old diner is one of the most well known of the hidden gems in the diamond district, and it will be missed.  Even as I stood at the bottom of the now closed staircase leading up to the place, a number of confused customers looking for lunch were turned away in disappointment.  No word on exactly why they closed, but according to one of the jewelers it came out of nowhere (and they are definitely gone for good.)  With Chanukah just a few days away, this is an especially big blow.  Where am I going to go for potato pancakes this year?

Chanukah Potato Pancakes in the Super Secret “Diamond Dairy”


  • I had a sandwich there about 9 years ago while waiting for my wife’s engagement ring to be resized. The place was filthy, and there was also this institutional feel to it that just removed my appetite. The food was completely unmemorable (however, it was springtime and there were no latkes to my knowledge).

    The location was unique for sure, and pretty cool indeed, but I never felt the need to return.

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    Your name befits you well. You’re a pig with a heart of iron.

    This is my first (and probably last) comment on this forum, and I only registered to respond to your mean-spirited disgusting remarks.

    I’ve been around 47th Street for more years than I can remember. Been to Diamond Dairy on countless occasions. While the place was not the epitome of cleanliness and the food wasn’t Zagat-rated I totally disagree with your rotten observation.

    Unlike many other establishments in the area where service is non-existent and prices are sky high (a certain Cafe’ comes to mind) at DD the prices were laughable and the service was great. I’ll certainly be missing Suzy who’s been like part of the furniture at DD.

    I have costumers all over the US whom I’ve taken out for lunches and some of them still mention the Belintzes and the Gefilte fish they had at DD, when I speak to them.

    I certainly hope Mr. Strauss will re-open at another location (I heard he might come back after a short rest) and I’m pretty sure many others will agree with me on this.

  • My comments were “mean-spirited” and “disgusting”, yet you agree with me that the place was dirty and the food was bad. Interesting.

  • pigiron, I second that the response seems “interesting” (IE, confusing, and overly sensitive to your reasonable comments). One man’s “unmemorable” is another’s “mentionable”.

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    Uhg, Where did I “agree” with you?

    Not being the epitome of cleanliness doesn’t necessarily mean the place was “dirty” and not being Zagat-Rated doesn’t mean the food wasn’t good.

    Actually most of their dishes were delicious.

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    I worked in NYC for a number of years in the 90′s and was a regular at Diamond Dairy. I’ve moved out of town, but try to visit DD whenever I’m in NYC.

    It’s difficult to find good old-fashioned Jewish (Kosher) food like kreplach and blintzes. And Mr. Strauss is a fine person (a mensch). Finally, DD had an ambiance and personality that has been lost in our present-day NYC. I will miss it.

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