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Not sure how new this is, but it’s the first time I’ve noticed it… calorie counts posted in the Church’s Fried Chicken/Subway/Nathan’s food court on 8th Ave. btw. 44+45th St. They’ve been shut down a number of times by the DOH in the past year or two, and I can’t help but wonder if it was for not complying with the city’s calorie count laws.  In a related story, the New York Daily News gets a bunch of tourists on the record talking about how much they hate seeing the calories on the menus of their favorite upscale chains in Midtown, like The Palm and McCormick & Schmick’s.

Personally I’d rather not know how many calories are in that Church’s fried chicken meal I’m eating, but I also take a bit of joy in knowing how much pain the calorie counts inflict upon those who think that eating a cobb Salad is healthy.

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  • Ironically, no one wants to comment on this one….

    Anyone reading this blog regularly consumes this shit all the time and its a little numbing to see a Double cheeseburger listed at 2,700 calories.

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    Actually, no. I’ve been following this blog and have managed to lose weight doing so. This while eating all of the food that Zach has recommended. Minus the tongue tacos though, I still don’t know if I can go there.

    Though, I think that these calorie counts apply to the entire meal rather than the double cheeseburger itself.

  • 5dollarqueen – it doesn’t count if you throw it up afterward

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