ABC 7 Responds About Street Vendor Stats

Lisa Colagrassi, the ABC7 reporter who quoted the 4% vs. 25% street cart statistic yesterday was nice enough to respond to our question this morning: “Sorry that it took so long to get back to you, Zach. Kevin Pomplun [the Chef from the Picnik Smoked Truck] actually used those numbers in relation to his restaurant experience… b/c there is no rent, employees etc. Is it an official number… probably not, but an example of the advantages of vending over establishing a restaurant.” Well, there is rent- it’s just cheaper than a brick and mortar (you have to pay to park your cart somewhere, and pay for somewhere to smoke all the meats.) Also, the Picnic Smoked Truck didn’t have to fight for their spot. They were given a special permit by the Downtown Alliance to park there… and even Kevin admits it’s “no less of a challenge” than running a restaurant.

Opening a Street Truck is Just as Risky as Opening a Restaurant (Despite What the Local News Says)

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