There is Decent Filipino Food at Bayan Cafe, Just Don’t Order the Pig Ears

I’ve always liked the tasty (but admittedly inconsistent) steam table lunch options at Bayan Cafe, Midtown’s only Filipino restaurant (on 45th btw. 2+3rd).  But if Chubby Chinese Girl is to be believed, you’ll want to avoid their version of sizig, a traditional Filipino dish of sizzling, chopped up pig parts (which appears to be heavy on the ears at Bayan Cafe.)  A few things are for sure, the B.C. steam table is best if you get there early, they don’t always have the best dishes (which could be related to the first thing), and there are far better options in Queens. Sadly, we don’t work in Queens!

Bayan Cafe… Filipino Food Worth Breaking the Rules For
Lunch’er Report: Is Bayan Cafe Still Good?


  • i’ll only go if they serve tocilog on weekdays

  • I was just here last week for like my 20th time and as usual, the food was very good. Every day they give you a choice of chicken, pork/beef, or fish. You pick 2 dishes + rice for $8. The portions are rather generous so it’s absolutely worth it and the service is friendly if you have any questions about the food. I usually talk to a woman named Carol who works there who’s a sweetheart. The place is always crowded with Filipinos when I go, which says something. OK I admit it’s not the best Filipino restaurant, like Ihawan in Woodside with 50+ delicious foods you can order, but it’s a very good option to have in midtown for Filipino food!

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