Brooklyn’s Burger 67 Quietly Brings “Black Shack” to Midtown

Whoa!?!  How did we miss this one? Fork in the Road posted an interview today with the owners of The Black Shack, and brand new burger joint that just opened on Lex btw. 37+38th. They‘re using LaFreida beef, serve sweet potato fries, and their menu [PDF] is about as cheap as you’re going to find anywhere in Midtown. I’ve never been to Burger 67, the Fort Greene burger place with the same owners, but Nick Solares sounded like a fan when he wrote about it on A Hamburger Today (although he did say if they ever came to Manhattan “it would likely be lost in the shuffle, given the stiff competition it would face.”)

I know where I’m eating tomorrow…

Photo courtesy of Fork in the Road.


  • Whoa! When did this guy pop up? I can’t wait for Five Guys anymore on the east side. I am definitely giving this guy a try.

  • sounds awesome.

    anyone see the Daily Show from Monday night? in talking about Presidents meeting other world leaders, when they showed Bush 2 meeting the Saudis the byline was “Sheik Shack”. i laughed.

  • “All sandwiches served on two sesame seed buns. Should you have an aversion to the sesame seed we will gladly make your sandwich with two bottom buns.” Amazing!

  • Lunch tomorrow. Thanks Z

  • sarah, i want two upper buns then.

  • mkim, that was exactly my thought.

  • 67 Burger is alright. Only went there once.

  • No Sam Adams milkshakes? Damn shame. Guess I’ll have to stick with the Irish coffee to get drunk at work…

  • 67 Burger? :drooooooooool:

    Living so close to the place is dangerous. (Ok, I’m a leisurely mile walk west, but it’s on my train and worth the walk or ride.)

    Get the cajun fries and you will thank me. Anyone that’s from the South that has been to Cook-Out and likes their cajun fries will be a fan. (My brother and I are pretty sure they found the same Cajun spice mix.)

  • I can also vouch for 67 Burger’s fries. You will not be disappointed.

  • curly fries. get the curly fries.

  • Yea their fries were awesome. The burgers were “eh”

  • BEER SHAKES FOR LUNCH. Life cannot be improved.

  • whoa whoa whoa whooaaaaa wait a minute here, people! I need more explanation of these ‘Sam Adams/beer Milkshakes’? Where? When? How? I’m interested in subscribing to your newsletter.

  • wow, just ate a western burger with bacon and fries. amazing. definitely the best burger for the price in midtown. i got take out and service was a bit slow but they just opened so i assume they will get faster as they learn the ropes.

    i just made all of my co-workers jealous and am tempted to go back for seconds.

  • I must have seen you there. I just tried the regular cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. It all came just under $10. I got to say that these sweet potato fries were good. Usually when I get them, they are too soft and not crunchy. But the ones from here are clearly full of win. Nicely salted and a nice crunch. I showed up at five mins before noon to beat the lunch crowd. Knowing that once it gets crowded, you are going to have a long wait. It still took a bit before I got my burger, but it was well worth it. The patty wasn’t as big I feel as Good Burger, but the quality was just as good and a hell of a lot cheaper. Hands down my new burger spot around work. Now they just need to get their liquor license.

  • It’s not bad, maybe my third choice (after Shake Shack and Burger Joint), but it wasn’t worth the 10+ block walk. I could see going here a lot if I were closer.

    Ran into Zach there.. I wonder how much of the rather large crowd was a result of this post.

  • The sweet potato fries were awesome! Very nice crunch and flavor. Burger was a bit small imho, but it was juicy and flavorful. Good spot.

  • FYI: NO BEERSHAKES!! No curly fries or cajun fries as mentioned above. I wouldn’t go far for this burger, I was not overly impressed. Tasty, but not the best.

  • Went here yesterday… Black Shack Burger was good, tasty, juicy, but I agree with other posters. It was small. I was still hungry after eating it. Shoestring fries not very crispy and for $2.50 would have liked more. I still prefer 5 guys.

    ooohh RC Cola Fountain Drinks. Havent seen that in a long time… Flavors one doesnt usually see in a burger joint. Stewart Root Beer? Diet Rite Cola.. Ginger Ale…

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