How to Become the Buffet Master

I thought I was the buffet master with my “How To Beat the Chinese Food Buffet” post, but this “All Inclusive Guide” branches out to include other types of buffets (pizza, sushi, and American), and expands on how to implement a good strategy. It’s all pretty outstanding (except for the part about giving old people the right of way.)


  • RE: ‘except for the part about giving old people the right of way’.


    Number 1: I wouldn’t be caught dead eating in a ‘chinese buffet’.

    Number 2: I wouldn’t be caught dead eating in ANY chinese eatery.

    Number 3: And NOW you choose to INSULT us ‘old people’ — us AMERICAN old people?


  • Jeezus Zach, can’t you get rid of this idiotic troll? Seriously, it’s your website, get rid of him!

  • agree w pigiron. He’s disturbed. He’s not bringing anything to the party.

  • I wouldn’t miss Doc Chuck if you banned him. He seems to be the only one who thinks his comments matter. And on a daily basis he is insulting someone and Zach makes a general comment about old people and Doc flips his shit – Looks like Someone is REALLY insecure. Good Riddens!

    On a completely different note, that was a great link Zach. Thank you! This will come in handy at pinic garden.

  • Banning readers is a slippery slope, and I prefer not to do it. (Although I’m not ruling it out.)

    My suggestion would be to ignore the comments of those ML readers you don’t like… :-)

  • Ignore as you might. His account is a classic troll job that would no doubt get the ban hammer in any other website. He’s probably really French.

    Slippery slope as you might think. Somewhere you got to draw the line and set some kind of bar, Zach.

  • Suggest rules to determine why somebody should be banned, and I’ll take them under consideration. Sadly, I’ve been hard pressed to find a set of rules that would allow me to ban the person whose name I will not speak, but keep some of the other assorted characters on this site that you might enjoy… ?

  • Rule #1: All comments appear at the discretion of the owner of the site.

    Rule #2: See Rules #1 through #1.

  • Well, by ignoring him, he’s remarks are increasingly gone from tip toeing the line to pissing in everyone’s faces (sexism, homophobia, and borderline racism). I wouldn’t say it’s a blatant violation of one criteria, but an amalgamation of various insults. No doubt he is probably a persona of another account user. His pattern has been to set up multiple accounts where they bicker amongst each other causing other people to somehow getting into the mix of it all while he sits back and watches them squabble. Why do troll jobs exist? I don’t know. But this guy is worse than when Red Sox and Yankees fans get together. It’s getting old.

    The worse part is that he claims he’s from Texas. The Disney World of All-You-Can-Eat Chinese buffets. There’s color and then there are blatant troll jobs. First you get a warning. Then you get ip ban. Probably not enough to keep this guy out. But it will slow him down.

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    midtownlunch should have an ignore function like eater does. If you want to ignore the twit, than do so. If you find the twit’s antics amusing than you can follow him. Then Zach doesn’t have to start banning people.

    and people are giving way too much attention to docchuck.

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