Hydrantables & Lunch Ledges Are Amazing New Achievements in Street Food Eating Technology


Those of us who love eating street food, but hate taking lunch back to our desks, have a common problem.  Where should we eat?  There are a number of indoor pavilions and outdoor seating areas scattered across Midtown, but sometimes I just wish there was a place right next to the carts to just saddle up and tuck in.  Well thanks to Pratt Grad Student Ali Pulver, now there is.  For her thesis she is developing a couple of tools to make it easier for us to eat on the street.  And after testing out the “Lunch Ledge” and the “Hydrantable” last week, I’ve got to say these could represent the greatest advancements in street food technology since the invention of chicken and lamb over rice!


It’s not hard to just stand on the sidewalk and eat lunch if you just have one tray of food and a fork.  But what about a drink?  Or soup, which usually comes with bread.  Add a drink to that and you’ve got big time issues.  That’s where the lunch shelf comes in.  The back is a heavy duty magnet, so you can attach it to any sign post and voila!


Instant place to put your drink.  Or soup.  Or whatever.


Problem solved.


But that’s not all.  What do you see here?  A standard fire hydrant?  Well, I see a perfect spot for two people to eat lunch… with a little help from the Hydrantable!



The lunch shelf and “hydrantable” aren’t available for purchase just yet, but Ali has set up a website where you can track her progress called Pop Up Lunch: NYC. And she’s hoping to get her ideas produced as soon as she is out of school in December.

If there is a pre-order list, sign me up!


  • Yep, I agree, about some protection between the pole and the food. I mean birds shit on those poles, people spit on those poles, and we don’t have a CLUE what happens to those poles at night.

    Maybe a better solution would be to buy a folding chair and a TV tray (do you folks remember TV trays? – LOL); carry them to work with you every day; buy your street food; open up your chair and tray on the sidewalk there, – - – and PIG OUT!

    Sounds like a plan to me.

  • Now. She just needs to invent the portable, street toilet for after you finish the street meat and can’t make it back to the office.

    Maybe something that fits over a drainage grate…

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    We have enough tourists blocking the sidewalks.

  • Yeah, maybe, ‘viktor’, but I suspect that the “TOURISTS” as you call them, are not the ones eating street food on fire hydrants in New Yawk City.

    I think that the folks blocking your sidewalks may be the only people that are presently keeping the ‘Bad Apple’ alive during its financially troubled times.


    A ‘Tourist’, I guess.

  • guys. all you need is some duct tape and one of those airplane trays hanging around your neck. Then when you need to eat you just unlock the tray and it pops out in front of you. doubles as a bib too.

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    Her parents must be so proud, and equally thrilled about the tuition investment.

  • When is Blondie going to give Bossman some much needed attention?

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