Your First Look at Lan Sheng, the Newest Midtown Sichuan

Over on Serious Eats: New York Joe DiStefano has filed the first report on Lan Sheng, the new Sichuan restaurant that recently opened on 39th btw. 5+6th (right across the street from Szechuan Gourmet.)  All the food he ate was part of a free “press dinner”, and much of it isn’t even on the menu yet, but hot damn the photos look tasty!  He also found out the chef trained in Chengdu, and the “number two” chef used to work at Wu Liang Ye.  As we reported last week, the lunch specials menu (which is what I’m most interested in) doesn’t really have too many Sichaun specialties on it, but the owners reassured me yesterday via email that they are working on a new menu that will be ready in a week.  And… “there will be a lot more Sichuan food on the lunch specials.”  Nice.

Lan Sheng Opens; Mangia Introduces New “Organic” Concept
New Sichuan Spot is Just One of Many Changes to 39th Street


  • Sichuan cuisine = I’m there.

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    Ate there this week and they are a mess. Disorganized, slow to seat empty tables. Mixed up orders, soups served after the entree was served (lunch special), forgot the dumplings we ordered as appetizers. Food was not worth the trouble. Will give them time to settle in and try again.

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