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From Twitter: “Sign on Tasti-D-Lite on 6th at 39th: ‘Coming Soon The Soupman (yeah That Soupman) joins Tasti-D-Lite’”. Uh… because those who like flavorless froyo love soup? Genius!


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    Have you tied Soupman since it was franchised? It’s an embarrassment to the name. Or it should be. I suspect the Soup Nazi cashed out big time in the deal and just doesn’t give a rats ass that his name and rep are used to market little buckets of crap sold as ‘soup’

    I say it’s a perfect match. Flavorless froyo and a crappy industrial product they call ‘soup.’

  • God, I miss the Al Yeganeh’s original “Soup Kitchen International” store on 55th street…

    I waited online the first day the franchise store opened on 42nd and 5th a few years ago… I tried the soup and I never returned after that first day. It lost its mystique. Unlikely a Tasti-D-Lite partnership will bring any of it back.

  • fyi ZACH, Tasti D Lite is NOT yogurt, rather a ‘dairy based soft serve frozen dessert’

    mmmmm Oreo cookie flavored frozen wet air. I’m bringing it back to the late 90s: I love Tasti D. Soupman? Meh.

  • Soup man is everywhere they serve ice cream! wtf! first coldstone… Now Tasti D Lite- uh uh- no way!

  • Flavorless crap from the 90′s meets flavorless crap from the 90′s. All they need is a Cookie Factory and Panda Express and they’ve got it nailed.

  • @pigiron – alright now… let’s not bring Panda Express into this

  • Sorry Zach, I forgot about your bizzare man-love for that particular jejune mall food. I would have said Kenny Roger’s but that was my particular guilty pleasure back in the grunge-flannel days.

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    Will they still give you a bruised banana and a crappy square of chocolate to make you feel better about paying $9 for a cup of soup? If so, I’m in!

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