Huzzah for Health! Calorie Postings Help

A new study by the NYC Dept. of Health has confirmed that calorie postings have helped consumers make better choices, directly contradicting an earlier study that showed no effect.  Not surprisingly the list of chains showing “significant statistical decreases” in the study didn’t include Chipotle. Their calorie counts are complete bullshit. [via Grub Street]

Basic Math Blows Holes in Chipotle’s Absurd “Calorie Range”


  • Now if only all fast food chains were forced to put Mr. Yuk stickers* on their labels, we’d cure obesity nationwide** by 2012


    ** Texas might need a few more years, but everyone else would be cured of being a fatty

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    I haven’t read the study but I can tell you that, personally, going to Famous Dave’s was terrifying. When you see items on the menu that have a top end calorie count of 3000+, that may make you rethink your dietary decisions.

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