Yushi Introduces “Greatest Hits” Bento

Today is duck pancake day at Yushi, but we’ve just got word about another special (available every day). The “Greatest Hits” Bento box features two pork and chive dumplings, two chicken teriyaki skewers (minus the actual sticks, so they can “get more in the box that way”), edamame, and fried rice for $8.  Could be good…

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    After reading last week’s review of the Thursday duck I remembered to stop by today. I tried the pork dumplings and the duck with fried rice (yes, I can down a lot of chow on occasion). Here’s my review:

    There’s too much confusion around the front area where the registers are. There are plenty of employees, but nobody was focused on the job at hand — take the money and get the food out the door. A couple of amateurs were in charge of the duck “station” and they were taking way too long. The guy carving the duck was totally mangling it and the guy constructing the duck pancakes appeared to be doing it for the first time.

    The grab-n-go sushi and bento boxes looked pretty good. The beverage selection is limited to expensive foof or Coke (no Sprite or Vitamin Water, which is what discriminating connoisseurs like me drink).

    The pork dumplings were pretty decent. Good flavor, if a bit gummy. That said, they are so much better than anything Rickshaw has to offer.

    The duck was tasty, though there wasn’t a satisfying amount of it. The fried rice accompanying the duck was okay, but half-way through it I got a chunk of ginger that was a bit of a shock. Who puts ginger in fried rice?

    Overall, not bad, but it won’t be added to the regular rotation. Too expensive for what you get and I would never “eat in” because of the lack of my favorite beverage and the constant, monotonous droning of the dance beat in the background (like I’m at Sushi Samba or something — give me a break).

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