Dallas BBQ Has Two Decent Lunch Specials


It would take a lot to get me to eat in the tourist packed hell hole that is 42nd Street btw. 7+8th Avenues… but two full meals for $10 qualifies as a lot right? When the fight broke out last month between The Feedbag and Serious Eats over whether or not Dallas BBQ was good, I wondered whether or not they still did that $10 special I used to see advertised in the subway. Well, it looks like they do. $10 gets you two 1/2 rotisserie chickens (which last time I checked was a whole rotisserie chicken), two orders of soup, two servings of potato or rice, and two pieces of cornbread. The only catch is it’s eat in only, and the deal is only available Monday-Thursday between 11am and Noon or 2pm and 5pm. On Fridays, for some reason, it’s available 11am to 5pm (bonus!) Too much food? (gasp!) Or don’t want to eat in Dallas BBQ? They also have a new $5 bbq chicken sandwich.

Dallas BBQ, 241 W 42nd St (btw. 7+8th), 212-221-9000


  • I think the 2 full meals is meant for 2 people, Zach, not one big eater… ;-)

  • what’s next? talk about the dollar menu at McDonalds? haha

  • There are only 2 reasons why I will go to Dallas:
    1. The wings
    2. The texas sized margs and beer

    But besides that…that’s it.

  • i have tried the two for one deal. I dont like their rotisserie chicken most of hte time but I really did like their chicken soup… i mean if you’re broke and hungry this will feed you well. But i agree with Rock…gotta get a texas size margarita- it makes the food taste better.

  • The early bird is worth it! Food is okay overall. My friend and I have paid the $1 extra each to have our servings added with their honey-basting. There’s also BBQ basting. Still an awesome deal at 12 bucks.

  • The roasted chicken isn’t bad at all. It just needs to be offered with a salad. It’s all carbs all the time over there..

  • I agree with Rock Center. I was also very surprised that they wrote about it on Serious Eats.

  • Their wings are indeed deadly. Breaded but huge and meaty. I’ve gorged on both the hot and sticky (honey) ones.

  • Wings are awesome there. I’ve had their plain, hot, sticky and even the jack daniels. Real plus is these are full-sized, not the puny pathetic ones.

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