Airing of Grievances: You Only Write About Asian Soups!

After I proclaimed Aura Thai’s duck soup one of the best in Midtown last week, Lunch’er MikeNYC pointed something out in the comments that is hard for me to deny:

It’s strange: If one were to go by this site alone, one would think soup is pretty much an asian food. Try clicking on that food type “soup” link above. The resulting stories skew about 80% or more to asian soups. (I made up that ratio, but it’s a high number) That is not even close to the asian/non-asian ratio of soup sales or consumption, based solely on casual observation in places I go. Which is my long winded way of bitching about the lack of non-asian soup coverage on ML. BTW, anyone got a good chicken pot pie soup near rock center? Bistro does a good one, but not every day. Also, burning question: Pot pie soup – bits o’crust, or no? Maybe I should take it to the forum….

You are so right.  I’m completely prejudiced again non-Asian soups, and it’s not right.  Although, in my defense, a bowl of ramen or udon seems more like a full meal than anything you could get from Hale & Hearty.  Chicken pot pie soup does sound good…  so, I’ll do it!  My next 5 soup posts will be non Asian.  Got any suggestions for me?

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  • Why would a grocery store soup be reviewed on a site devoted to eating out, DocChuck?

  • Bait is cast.

    Fish that cannot keep mouth shut, bites.

    Fish that cannot keep mouth shut, is caught, chopped into pieces, made into yummy Asian soup.

    Fish that cannot keep mouth shut, is now being served up in a nice Midtown Asian restaurant (or not-so-nice cart).

    Fish that cannot keep mouth shut, would still be swimming in Brooklyn if fish could keep mouth shut.

    That is why there are so many Asian soups out there — because of stupid fish who bite bait.

  • I’m starting to think that DocChuck is a troll job created by Fred.

    Anyway, I think it’s going to be hard to find a non-asian soup that is as hearty of a meal, or a meal in itself. Something like ribollita and some stews might be cost effective enough, but I just don’t see too many others that serve a good filling soup.

  • Of course, DocChuck has not figured it out yet that many asian soups feature no fish whatsoever

  • A boy doesn’t have to go to war to be a hero; he can say he doesn’t like pie when he sees there isn’t enough to go around. ~E.W. Howe

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