1959 Lunch Prices at Foley’s Tomorrow

I have never been to Foley’s (on 33rd btw. B’way+5th) and I know this is a stupid marketing gimmick… but any spot that wants to glorify Toots Shor (and by transitive property Frank Sinatra) is all right in my book.  Tomorrow (Weds 10/21) is Foley’s 2nd Annual Toots Shor day, celebrating the famous Manhattan restaurant with a special menu of Toots Shor’s dishes at their original 1959 prices.  That means an $8 “Sinatra” Sirloin steak, $4 “Mickey Mantle” corned beef and cabbage, $4 “Jackie Gleason” fried scallops w/ fries, and more.  Mamacita wrote about their Happy Hour, but only tried the pizza and onions rings.  Anybody eaten at Foley’s before?  It’d have to be really bad to not be worth it at these prices…

Midtown Happy Hour: Mamacita Loves the Balls at Foley’s Pub


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