This is Why U(ES) Suck

What is wrong with the Upper East Side? According to this UES reader’s poll on OurTownNY, Chipotle is the best “Midtown Lunch” and Applebee’s is the best Midtown Bar/Restaurant. Are you serious? Thankfully the editorial staff redeemed themselves by giving Jimmy’s Corner an award.


  • Best Place for People Watching: Times Square (specifically pedestrian “malls” on Broadway)

    who wants to watch fat tourists be amazed by lights?

    i nominate Olive Garden for Best Italian in NYC.

  • Have you met any UES’ers lately? Those answers don’t surprise me in the least bit. (yes, it’s a sweeping generalization, but I suspect it’s correct for a majority of the population)

  • Is Pizza Hut going to win for Best Pizza too? Maybe Papa John’s.

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