As If La Freida’s Needed More Publicity…

If you make a burger in this town with meat from Pat La Freida’s you are pretty much guaranteed some automatic hype from certain bloggers.  But apparently now you also get this nifty bumper sticker!  I spotted this one on the front door of HB Burger (on 43rd btw. B’way+6th).  Clearly the La Freida bumper sticker holds far less gravitas than, say, the “Recommended by Midtown Lunch” stickers you might have seen- but I suppose it couldn’t hurt.

HB Burger May Not be a “Midtown Lunch” But It’s a Damn Good Burger
Apparently It’s Not La Freida’s, It’s What You Do With It


  • kinda like the Beef version of the Midtown Lunch sticker, ha ha!

  • I ordered La Freida short-rib burgers from Fresh Direct a few weeks back when they were on sale (something like $5.99 for four 6 oz burgers). I cooked them unadorned in a cast-iron skillet and served them on a potato bun (no condiments, no cheese). I will say without hesitation that they were the best home-cooked burgers I’ve ever had in my life. They’re ASTOUNDINGLY good. I imagine that they’re even better cooked on an open flame.

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    Thanks pigiron! I saw those burgers on offer from Fresh Direct, but was too skeptical to order. I will now.

  • A friend of mine brought over some Pat La Freida burgers that we cooked up on the cast iron grill pan with some good cheddar and green chile (note: real green chile, painstakingly imported from NM). It was a seriously excellent experience.

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