Rock Center Sbarro’s Being Replaced by Au Bon Pain

aubonpainOut with the old, in with the… old. If you were hoping that something exciting was going to replaced the recently shuttered Sbarro’s in the subway station beneath 30 Rockefeller Center- I’m sorry to have to break this news to you. It’s being replaced by an Au Bon Pain. They make good cookies, but there’s already one across 6th Ave. on 50th Street. Can’t we get something new and fun!?! (Thanks to Lunch’er Nick for the photo…)


  • Money talks, what else is there to say!

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    I used to go to Au Bon Pain when it was still just a few stores in Boston. It used to be pretty good, back in the day.

    I still eat at Au Bon Pain once in a great while, for old time’s sake, and except for the ham and cheese croissants, everything I try now makes me gag. Too bad, because the concept is not half bad, but the execution lags.

  • the chocolate muffins are pretty good.

  • Their beef stew is heaven. Any sandwich on their sundried tomato bread is great. All their baked goods are my favories.

  • About as exciting as a new Hale And Hearty under construction and opening soon on 40th, just west of Madison. Yawn

  • zzzzzzzz……..

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    That’s all we need. Yet another soup and mediocre sandwich place under the Rock. Though I do have a weakness for their cinnamon scones.

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    I have not been in a few years however, I remember their soups being quite decent. From the precending comments it appears that their quality has gone down however, all in all, I think that it is a big step up from Sbarro. Also, I am more excited about tri tip grill than some chain soup/sandy place, js.

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