Cheese Skirt Burger Challenge

Taking a page from the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, Adam Kuban and A Hamburger Today have challenged every burger spot in NYC to make a hamburger complete with cheese skirt. We wholeheartedly back them in this endeavor, and hope that a Midtown spot will be the one to step up to the plate.


  • Huh, I never knew this was a food phenomenon.

    Whenever I make something where I grill bread / melt cheese, I do this as well. not as extreme, but I do go out of my way to get some cheese onto the pan (teflon usually) so that it toasts up.

    I’m curious about the follow-up report on this :)

  • I’d rather have a jucy lucy challenge. Those things are good.

  • it’s funny, i used to never like the taste of cheese skirts and brown butter when I was little but after having it done right, i had learned to appreciate that certain flavor profile of caramelized dairy.

    and then i discovered ghee and was in pure heaven.

  • Adam (Kuban) whines that he’s too lazy to drive up to CT to get one of these. It only takes about 10 minutes and one skillet in your kitchen to make one at home. I’ll admit, I’m getting a bit tired of all these “foodiots” who are too lazy/clueless/hipster to actually prepare a simple dish at home.

  • First the complaints about cupcakes, now “cheese skirts”. What are you all turning into DocChuck? Who cares if you can make such a “simple dish at home”. It’s not about what you can do at home, but what’s available outside of home. I’m trying to figure out what to do for lunch right now as there are too many choices around 49th and 6th. What good does it do me to know that I can eat something great at home when I’m at my desk at work contemplating lunch. If there were a good cheese skirt burger near me, I’d probably be tempted away from kati rolls or hing won.

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    mghu777 (or anyone else)–Do you know of any spots that make a jucy lucy in NY, CT, NJ or elsewhere nearby? I’m a Minneapolis native and grew up on these.

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    Wade – The Stumble Inn at 1454 2nd Avenue makes them. For my money, nobody beats Matt’s in Minneapolis though.

  • @stevenp: Wasn’t so much that I can’t make that at home.* The point was to try to get something new and unusual (for the world of burgerdom, anyway) brought to NYC.

    * Though I do admit I’m not the greatest burger chef. I always end up undercooking or overcooking when I do them in a cast-iron pan. On a grill, I’m fine, but you couldn’t do one of these on a grill.

  • i don’t understand this – why the hell would you want the cheese outside of the bread? A hamburger is designed to be eaten w/ your hands, and by the looks of that thing, it looks like you’ll be needing a knife and fork. This is the same reason I have problems w/ the sloppy joe – it’s like – what’s the point of putting it between two slices of bread if it’s going to fall apart on you? Seems more gimmicky than anything else.

  • I’m with Kuban. This look great and I’m not sure I can make this at home (with the right pan) and have it look as delicious as the pictures. I’m a huge fan of burnt cheese. I bake my nachos with tons of cheddar so it melts down and forms a similar crispy crust ***drool**

  • wslee, the cracker like cheese on the outside gets broken off and eaten like an appetizer. The Burger itself is just your basic hand-held burger.

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