Alert! Cart Inspector in Midtown Today

From the ML Forums: “Waiting for my lamb and kofta at Halal Guys, there was a health inspector thoroughly going over everything at the cart. None too pleased that 2 of the 3 guys don’t wear gloves… I suspect she’ll be wandering over to other carts shortly.”


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    ummm… good?

  • Why tip them off? Don’t they get health inspections for a reason?

  • I doubt there are many carts that follow Midtown Lunch during the day. Mostly I posted to “warn” that a cart lunch had the chance to take longer than you might expect, as the workers have to deal with her. Pretty sure she was moving across the street once she was finished at the Halal Guys’ corner.

    If your cart isn’t health dept.-acceptably equipped, knowing you’re getting checked in an hour isn’t going to help very much.

  • i honestly dont see a point in the gloves. They take the money with the gloves and serve the food with the same gloves… money is filthy. so gimme the germs- whatever.

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