Who’s Working Today?

A quick look at the ML Twitter Tracker to see who’s working today:  Street Sweets, Cupcake Stop, and Schnitzel are out.  Rickshaw and Wafels are in, but not working in Midtown. And NYC Cravings is on 48th btw. 6+7th. As for the old school trucks, Biriyani Cart (on 46th and 6th) and Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st and 7th) are both working, and Kwik Meal is open on 45th & 6th, and 47th and Park- but their 3rd Avenue location is closed today.  How about you? Are you working?  And if you are, did you notice any lunches of note open or closed today?


  • I am working today..SUCKS.
    I am going to eat steamed pork buns from Cafe Zaiya.

  • is there a columbus day parade today? man working when most ppl are off really sucks.

  • Sigh, yes, I’m at my desk. Will be on the hunt for a Thanksgiving sandwich soon.

  • I’m working today too.
    I don’t know how this Senor Columbus is since I no longer get this day off. Whatever.

    And you would think the subway would be empty today but I still got squashed up this morning? WTF! Stay home and get the extra sleep.

  • I’m working. The office is pretty empty though.

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    hey, at least most places won’t be too crowded!

  • I’m working today, and just found out I’ll be out of work in December. Joy.

  • At work too. Nursing a headcold, but unless I was screwed by the cleaning crew, I have cold fried chicken leftover in the fridge. Woot!1

  • I’m working……well sorta…Columbus day eh?….i must find a native american to sneeze upon.

  • Q3 week. working away.

  • At work, celebrating the raping and pillaging of indigenous native’s by a foreign power.

  • Ugh. I had to comfort myself with some cha siu and tofu and minced pork from Hop Wong.

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    I’m working. Heading over to nyccravings momentarily…

  • I actually kind of forgot that it was even a ‘holiday’ today. also, my condolences, Lanny….

  • I echo the condolences, Lanny. Hopefully you will have time before December to line something up. I am working today :( and will probably go to Cosi, haven’t been there in ages and craving the signature salad. Plus they always show me the Cosi love. Unlike schnitzel truck which has abandoned me …

  • Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  • Thanks, guys. I already applied to one job today, so hopefully something will turn up.

    And that’s Ianny with an i, not Lanny. No worries, though. :)

  • I’m working, but I eat what I kill so it’s all good….

  • Working? Depends on the definition of ‘work’.

    Retirees do not WORK, they just watch other people work, or pretend to work.

    My wife, Doctor E., is on the road this week, working for a new client. Some of you guys would REALLY get pissy if you knew who contracted her two weeks ago to manage (PRN @ $76.50 per hour) their operations (Jewish owned and operated, FYI — that accounts for the lousy salary, but she is a true philanthropic type).

    SOOoo, she’s ‘working’ while I’m batchin’ here in Columbia and playing a few rounds (although my caddy is down with the flu — what a frickin’ pain!).

    AND, that’s in addition to her full-time job.

    Life is good for us old guys. No question about that.

  • ChokeChod even fit the midtown luncher? Nope, no roadkill devourers here. And I don’t know what he’s smoking (illegal cubanos?) but at least his wife and sick caddy makes an honest living. Learn to carry your own damn clubs, lazy old fart. LOL. My bad Chunky. Grouchy Monday me has come out.

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