Zagat’s Best Burger is in Midtown

Zagat’s 2010 Guide is out today, and according to Grub Street the Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien (on 56th btw. 6+7th) bested the Shake Shack and last year’s winner, DuMont, for the best burger in New York City honors. Kind of surprising, but we’ll take it! [Grub Street]


  • Crap, I was hoping to go there soon. It’s busy enough without more accolades.

  • Not as good as Schnitzel but its okay!!! LOL Just dont bother ordering medium or rare, it always comes out well done anyway.

  • I have had a DuMont Burger… It is a good frickin burger.

  • Shake Shack….stop being sheeple people–shake shack sucks! Average at best! It should not be at the top of any list unless that list is most overhyped NY establishment!

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    Shack Shack is good, but people act like it’s the second coming or something. How come nobody ever talks about Blue 9 Burger? I love that place!

  • Five Napkin Burger at 45th and 9th is the one for me.

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    HollyDiver’s got it right. A medium rare Original Five Napkin Burger with the carmelized onions and drippy gruyere is the best I’ve had in NYC.

  • Burger Joint is only okay. I don’t get the hype or long lines. I’ve tried it and it isn’t anything must-have. It’s overpriced and not nearly as good as Five Guys. I enjoyed my burger at Ruby Tuesdays more.

    Shack Shack definitely has a more flavorful burger.

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