Cer Te Intros October Sandwich

To promote their new pizza place set to open next month, Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th) will be offering one of the sandwiches from that menu as their October Special starting today: the Tuscan Cheesesteak, featuring grass-fed beef meatballs sautéed with peppers and onions, romano cheese on an organic garlic semolina bread with fresh mozzarella ($8.95)


  • “grass fed meatballs” ?! OMGWTFBBQ

  • argh can’t edit … the phrase “grass fed meatballs” gives me a mental image of a large herd of meatballs roaming the prairie, grazing on grass. And of course, there would have to be a meatball wrangler to keep them under control.

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    Had this yesterday. Over the top. There is a lot of fat/juice so the bread really can’t hold up to the fillings. It is a fork/knife kinda sandwich. Ingredients are good, fresh cheese etc, meatballs (I could almost taste the prairie), sauteed peppers. If they get a more substantial roll, or add less butter to the bread and reduce the peppers by 1/2 we will have a winner

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