Lisa Lampanelli Calls Famous Halal Cart’s Line “Bulls&*t”

Apparently comedian Lisa Lampanelli isn’t a fan of the Famous Halal Guys Cart on 53rd and 6th.  From Grub Street’s “New York Diet” Column: “There’s a food cart by Sixth Avenue and 53rd Street and it always has twenty people in the line, so I say to my fiancé, “What the fuck is up with that place?” We ate there — some weird Middle Eastern thing. I think it’s beef, pork, chicken and yellow rice. I was like, “Not so much.” Then we tasted the guy next to him with no line and the guy with no line was better. See, it’s all bullshit! It’s all hype in New York!”  Nice.  I wonder if the cart with no line she went to was the one the SE corner?   Because that would be comedy!

Debunking the Myths of 53rd & 6th, the Most Famous Halal Intersection in New York City


  • that’s what i thought too but apparently she makes alot more money than I do.

  • She actually tasted the guy next to him?

    Which part of the guy did she taste?

    And did she add white sauce, hot sauce, or both?

  • Gobby american supressed lesbian……..and i dont mean nancy pelosi.

  • She too busy fucking black guys to know anything about food.

  • @CheeeeEEEEse

    have you seen her ass…I think she knows a thing or two about food LOL!

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    someone should go to that site, and post a link to the same link that debunking the cart myth link thats up there

    that way she gets shut up AND this site gets some nice free advertising if she takes notice of the article

  • I just like that Zach censored “Bullshit” in the title post, but not “Fuck” in the post.

  • I hate this fat pig she’s probably one of the unfunniest people in the world.

  • I’m really surprised a fat ass like her couldn’t enjoy the food. She really looks like she eats whatever is thrown in front of her with out any regard to its taste or appearance.

  • Did she say pork? Isn’t pork totally NOT halal? Am I the only nerd who noticed this?

  • Yvo, it probably wasn’t pork. It just that with street meat you can never tell. Whether its chicken, steak, dog, cat, it all comes out the same.

  • Yvo, there was this big fiasco where one of those gyro meat makers actually used pork in their products and sold it as ‘halal’.

  • you know, I had lamb and rice today and yesterday from 53rd, and my lips had that salty after taste for the rest of the afternoon.

    was damn good, but I gotta cut back!

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    The famous Halal cart has some delicious Halal, that is not to be debated. However, I gotta say, why wait on line when Shendy’s is right down the block and, well, more delicious?

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    Anyone who uses the phrase “some weird Middle Eastern thing” to describe cart food doesn’t need to eat at street carts. And also doesn’t need to be in New York City.

  • I don’t know Groonge, we have people on this site that are otherwise normal but dislike japanese food (raises hand), chinese food, indian food, or “weird middle eastern thing”. I think not liking indian food or cilantro is weird, but I wouldn’t say that Goats doesn’t need to be in NYC :) She probably isn’t very experienced with middle eastern food, and moreso, if she were to experience it, her palate probably wouldn’t appreciate the typical flavor profile of middle eastern food.

  • Is she calling it middle eastern food because the guys serving it are Middle Eastern (Or just as likely Pakistani, or North African). Or because people actually eat it in the Middle East? Because I’m not sure the latter is true.

  • iiii think she’s super funny during the comedy roasts but her stand ups are only so so. all she really talks about is banging black guys …

    53rd and 6th has lost its edge. the chicken is flavorless and tastes steamed (giant pile on the flattop. gross). the gyro meat no longer has the mild caramelization it usually does. they’re riding solely on reputation at this point because the quality has dropped since my first tasting 5 or so years ago.

  • i wouldn’t even call her a comedian… she’s the least funny person ever! and has no taste buds…

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