Metro Marche Closed?

Lunch’er “Lesliepear” pointed out in the ML Forums yesterday that the windows have been papered over at Metro Marche, Cafe Metro’s experiment in semi-fine dining in the Port Authority (on 8th Ave. and 41st.)  There is no official confirmation that they are closed, but the phone number on their website is disconnected- which is never a good thing. Update in the Comments: It’s being replaced by a Heartland Brewery.


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    NY Times food section (Off the Menu column) this week said it’s going to become a Heartland Brewery.

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    I ate there several times (nexus of the 42d street movies, the A train for me, Jersey bus for my friend, so it just worked out)

    I sort of liked this place and had a couple of decent steaks there, but after the credit crash it always seemed real empty. I bet a Heartland Brewery will do very well in that space. I wonder if the Cafe Metro will stay open? I would think Heartland Brewery would want that storefront window space facing 8th currently occupied by the cafe.

  • That’s sad.. they once had a weekly endless muscles deal.. for like $20 you could eat all you want and interchange between the 3 different styles/sauces. It was actually a nice place… extremely upscale for Port Authority terms.. but always humbling to dine there while watching police pushoff streetwalkers and urine soaked drunks (yes, all of these still exist in NYC!). I consider that 8th Ave stetch to me landmarked as the historic seedy NYC zone… just so folks don’t forget our roots ;>

  • Oh that’s a shame. I used to go there for lunch when I worked in that area. I really enjoyed their steak frites. I guess a Heartland Brewery isn’t the worst replacement in the world. Mmm beer….

  • Jeff, Endless “Muscles”? That sounds like your secret porn name.

  • Damn Adamprato… apparently you found my vids on the Net. Hey, had to pay for law school somehow ;P

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    These days a porn career probably has better prospects than law.

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    I didn’t know this was a secret, I spoke with Simon Glenn a week or so ago about settling up accounts. So, yes, in my best Cleese voice, “It’s an ex-parrot”.

    He was doing his New Orleans BBQ thing in DBA Brooklyn
    but I’m not sure if it’s still going on:

    I’m kicking myself for not checking it out earlier.

    I believe he’s going to do some traveling (Rio?) but last we spoke he threatened to come visit the farm around November (which I assured him was the optimum time to visit a farm…..bwahahaha).

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