Last Chance For Under $10 Terrine

Just a friendly reminder… today is the last day to hit up the Bon Appetit Supper Club and Cafe (on 57th & 6th.) It’s your last chance for an under $10 lunch designed by famous chefs- and today’s special looks pretty tasty: Grilled Chicken Spiedino with Breadcrumb Salsa by Nate Appleman.


  • Went today at 12:30 – the special station was abandoned, but that doesn’t surpise me b/c Nate Appleman’s Grilled Chicken Spiedino with Breadcrumbs Salsa at $9.50 or any price looked gross and unappetizing .. I turned around and walked back downtown to Korean BBQ – bulgogi, hmmmmm!

  • I would rather eat from any mid-town shisk kabob vendor then that crap at Bon Appetit – it looked like puke cubes on a stick.

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