Midtown’s Maoz Vegetarian is Now Open


Earlier today, around 1pm, the first Midtown location of the falafel chain Maoz finally opened on 40th Street and 7th Ave.  (where Sahara Grill used to be.) The joint is tiny, so if you want to check it out without waiting in line you’ll probably want to go 30 minutes ago (because I’m guessing that’s the last time you’ll see it half empty!)

For those who have never been to Maoz (there’s one in Union Square), you order your falafel (in whole or half size) and then add the toppings yourself from their nice looking salad bar.  They also have Belgian fries and sweet potato fries, and to give you an idea of price- a combo with Maoz sandwich, Belgian fries, and a drink for $8.75. (The sandwich alone is just $5.)

Maoz Vegetarian, 200 W. 40th Street (on 7th Ave.), 212-777-0820


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    I LOVE Maoz…in Paris, Amsterdam, now Union Square and Midtown. The best falafel and what a difference to actually get to put the additions on yourself!

  • I love Maoz too but i hate the prices

  • Nice! W 40th is now officially falafel row – with crisp btw 6 and bway, maoz at 7th and pick-a-pita at 8th (technically on 8th, but close enough).

    And Maoz is kosher so should give p-a-p a run for its money…

  • $5 for a whole falafel? That I get to put toppings on myself? That doesn’t sound bad (for Midtown).

  • susan: toppings include pickled baby eggplant and roasted broccoli!!!!!!!!!

  • i pay $3 for falafel with the works Downtown… but im spoiled

  • This is plain and simple the best falafel in New York City (and Amsterdam and Paris for that matter). I gushed when they opened in Union Square.


    Enjoy… this is the best.

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    That oily Brocoli is amazing. I get salad bowl to load up on that.

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    Nice! I ate many a meal at Maoz in Amsterdam. Can’t wait to make it down there for lunch next week!

  • Moaz is indeed the best falafel in NY. The toppings are unbelievably fresh and delicious.

  • If there’s one food I can live without more of in midtown it’s falafel

    The fries sound good though

  • It’s amazing how no meat sandwich can be so popular.

  • How are you supposed to add anything to the falafel? It’s pretty tough squeezing anything more into that pita, ha ha. I like the stronger taste of Moishes, but it’s good. The space is entirely too small for the lunch rush. Will really be a challenge during inclement weather.

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    @vdub – Yeah. You have to work to get a true fat man worthy sandwich – but it was pretty good. The fries…. meh. They were nice and crispy, but also had a little bit of the battered/coated taste/feel that I don’t like.

    Also, yeah – that space is going to suck when it’s cold/wet – after paying for your food, you’re told to move down and to the right. Which is fine, except for the herd of slow moving people trying to squeeze on their toppings.

    Also, $0.75 for hummus? Really?

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