International Food House Now Doing Happy Hour Buffet


Our Happy Hour Correspondent Mamacita is sick this week, but this should completely make up for the lack of a boozy potato skin laden review… the International Food House & Buffet (on 35th btw. 7+8th) has started to do a Happy Hour all you can eat buffet for $5.95 PLUS all drinks are only $5.  I’m pretty sure they have a full bar, so this is looking like a pretty sweet place to head after work.  It goes from 5-7pm, and kind of makes up for the fact that now the buffet is by the pound during lunchtime! (They used to be all you can eat, all the time.) Enjoy!

Economy Claims Another All You Can Eat Buffet
All You Can Eat Meat at the International Food House Restaurant & Buffet


  • I rather see your son’s pictures.

  • I rather see a halal meats buffet. Just kidding.

    5.95 is really good. A bottomless pit of hot wings? Or maybe whatever leftover lunch buffet they couldn’t sell off, reheat it and toss it out at 5.95 each.

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    Feel bettter, Mama.

  • $5 drinks = cool, but who’s making your drinks…the same crew that’s cooking your buffet food?! has anyone gone here for this happy hour…curious

  • All you can eat for $5.95? REALLY?

    Just exactly what’s on this buffet?

    Has anyone here been there? I mean, should I throw wifie in the back of my rusted-out pick’em truck and make the 3-hour trip to the ‘International Food House’ to scarf up some of those cheap vittles?

    I mean this ‘road-kill’ we been chowin’ down on is getting mighty old . . . . right, Fred?

    And we may not have two dimes to rub together, like Louise in Atlanta says, but we DO have a passel of food stamps.

    Why, pshaw, I hope they take food stamps at the IFH.

  • It’d take heavy machinery to pick up (much less throw) your wife.

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