New Baja Fresh Opens Tonight w/ $2 Burritos

Just got word that the newest Midtown location of Baja Fresh (on 41st and Broadway) will not open for lunch until tomorrow- but tonight they’ll be open from 6-8pm and all burritos will be $2!  (That’s cheap enough to consider it an “after work snack” right?)


  • Is there a limit?

  • So glad this is coming into the midtown wasteland.

  • I walked by today and the paper was still up on the windows but off on the doors. It didn’t appear that they were open yet but there were employees inside sweeping and cleaning the tables and counter.

  • dinner and cokes for two last night = about 5.50 (tax in)

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    Again, I have to call it a total success in last night’s promotion. Nice touch how they made the burritos like $1.86 so with tax they came out to $2 even. Everyone was friendly and there were no lines to speak of around 6:30pm when I was there. They kept it moving quickly. After the smooth free burrito promotion the other week, these guys know how to run a promo. I reiterate, Quiznos should take a lesson.

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