At Lunch Now: Gulluoglu is Open!

What’s the word for hooray in Turkish, because that’s what I want to yell right now. Gulluoglu, the Turkish baklava temple, has opened their Midtown East location (on 52nd and 2nd Ave.) Now is usually the time where I mention that it’s out of bounds, but I’m too excited stuffing my face to care.

They have a pretty spectacular array of sweets, all covered in honey, or syrup, or cream, or all of the above- and most are in bite sized portions so it’s pretty easy to say give me one of everything (which is pretty much what I did.)

They also have savory pastries (some of which I’ve never seen before), plus sandwiches and salads- and everything is under $10- making it a full fledged Midtown Lunch’ing destination.

Oh and they also have imported Turkish ice cream made from goats milk (!!!) It’s pretty much one of the greatest places I’ve ever been, and well worth hiking to 2nd Ave.

Full report with photos coming soon…


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