Serious Eats is Bringing Hot Doug’s to NYC!

Hot Doug's, Chicago

After visiting Chicago last October, I practically begged the owner of Hot Doug’s to open a second branch of his amazing hot dog stand in NYC. I knew the effort was futile, but when faced with sausages this good (plus duck fat french fries) a man’s stomach can force him to do things his brain would never dare try.  Well, it turns out somebody heard my prayer… and that somebody was Ed Levine, grand-poobah of Serious Eats, who has arranged for Hot Doug’s to come to NYC for one night only.

It’s not in Midtown (booo!) but Astor Center is much closer than Chicago- so I’m not complaining.  Tickets are being sold in pairs for $65, and you get “two Chicago dogs, two foie gras dogs, an order of duck fat fries, and a six pack of beer, as well as a tasty surprise to start.” Plus the pleasure of Doug “Hot Doug” Sohn’s company. $65 may seem kind of expensive to those who have never had the pleasure of visiting Hot Doug’s, but it’s far cheaper than flying to Chicago! The event is on October 7th, and there are two seatings with only 30 spots each. Buy your tickets here>> UPDATE: And that’s it.  Both classes are sold out.  I told you… the hot dogs are that good.

Midtown Wishlist: Hot Doug’s (aka the Best Hot Dog I’ve Ever Had)


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