Indian Pizza Meetup

In case you were interested in trying the Indian pizza at Bombay Eats (on 52nd btw. 8+9th), it looks like there is a lunchtime meetup being organized today in the Connections section of the ML forums. Tandoori chicken pizza anybody?


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    I actually sampled the pizza last Friday evening, did a 14″ half-saag paneer, half minced lamb. The minced lamb was like a “pulled lamb curry” if that makes any sense. I liked the saag paneer a bit better, I think because it went better with all the other veggies on the pizza (broccoli, onions etc). The 14″ pizza is hefty…when they handed me the box I was pretty stunned by the weight. See my pie:

  • Just got back. I am stuffed. Outing was a success!

  • Bc Eats, that looks like it can be one soggy pie. How was the crust?

  • Mama, not the best crust in the world, but better than you would expect. Surprisingly good. Probably better than any $.99 pizza. It wasn’t soggy, but we had it at the restaurant. Having it delivered (no idea if they do deliver) would be a risk, but having it there, it was awesome.

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