Airing of Grievances: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Support Baja Freah”

I try my best not to be too negative on this site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to vent. Every once in awhile I’ll share some of the more angry useful emails I get in a post called “Airing of Grievances”. (If the Eater Complaints Dept. would like royalties, I’ll be happy to pay up…)

The Baja Fresh Opening Soon on B’way & 41st. Photo courtesy of Lunch’er Harry


I’ve had enough, I like you too much and I can’t stand for you supporting Baja Fresh anymore. Friends don’t let friends support Baja Fresh. You’re making a fool of yourself. I told you long ago that this is not the “west coast Baja” you’re used to. I told you, that they’d been in Jersey for years now running a sinister operation of 9$ flaccid burritos, where they push the envelope of rice to meat ratio every time, probably just to test a customer’s breaking point. I would never in a billion years succumb to openly compromising my foodie reputation and associating myself Baja Fresh as a fan. However, just for you, I did [last week], and for the sake of being a cheapie who likes deals that rip off my arch nemesis (i.e. my failed attempt to win a free Yushi lunch). I tried printing the page at work but it would have been about 5 pages long since the stream of comments was so long. I decided to just bring in my phone and show them evidence that I actually went through the hassle of becoming a fan and writing a comment.

I went to the Baja on Lex and they turned me down because I didn’t have a printed piece of paper, which the manager sheepishly replied was mandated by corporate. I can’t stand store managers without common sense. After the KFC debacle you would think managers would just go with the let’s just make customers happy and not be a stickler for rule that startsriots part of the promotion. I understand that they wanted the paper as evidence, but it’s not like each Baja branch is going to send 500 pieces of paper to corporate for some mail room boy to perform some sort of audit. In the name of customer service and some common sense couldn’t have just taken my name down with some manager override, just to entertain me and leave me with renewed hopes for Baha. Now I will forever be a vigilante working the viral food scene against the evil forces of Baja Fresh. There, now I feel better.


I believe I have said everything that needs to be said about NYC Baja Fresh here. As for your coupon fiasco, I’m guessing the ML community will have some thoughts about this. Thanks for the email!


  • I am not a baja fresh person b/c I fear they use cilantro. As you know, cilantro ruins a meal, just like eating street meat next to a stinky bum on a park bench. That being said, you gotta follow the rules if you want free grub, no matter how stupid and impractical they are. If you choose not to, you are playing with fire my friend….

  • This complaint = FAIL

  • Let me get this straight. The promotion clearly said to PRINT THE PAGE and submit ti in-store for the discount deal. Nick, in all his infinite wisdom, decided it would be “OK” to just show the manager his iPhone, and not to submit a printed page as required.

    Nick, you lose. I hope you do not fail as completely in the rest of life as you did here. Here’s a clue: when there are simple explicit instructions and requirements available, follow them. Don’t make up your own rules and then complain when the world does not adjust to your preferences.

  • mmm cilantro

  • The rules also said he only needed to print the first page. This guy is a douche but so is everyone else I know who owns an I-Phone.

  • 5 pages? That doesnt sound like a big deal to print. Unless you got some printer nazi boss…they do exist, I’ve seen them.

  • Wow, Adam. I was about to write that EXACT comment!

  • awesome…one less person who i have to wait in line behind!!!

  • I think you should take a photo of a $10 bill on your iPhone and present that as payment next time. I bet that bastard manager won’t accept that either.

  • Haha. No physical coupon and expects it to slide?
    I’m cool with going paperless but not when it’s not call for. How hard can it be to print one page out? No need to leave it at the default print all.

    And I doubt Baja is riot-worthy unless they decided nobody deserves a free burrito with drink purchase…as with completely free chicken meal denied to waves and waves of people, which should create an uproar.

  • gone are the heady days of calling a patron a bitch and moving on in life…

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    For the most part, this promotion was a success and it was very easy… As a matter of fact I think they erred and were charging people for small drinks at first judging by those who got the deal for 1.68… Nick, you my friend, are just lazy. Printers give you the option to print certain pages. Given that the coupon said the first page was fine, means that 1) you can’t read, or 2) you’re lazy. You cannot compare the very few complaints anyone may have had to this promotion to the hordes of KFC, Pepsi, and Subway customers who DID follow the rules and didn’t get their fair meal. You did not follow the rules. Too bad, eat shit.

  • vdubjb that was the comment of the week. HAAAA!! love it.

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    And I thought the salad grievance was stupid. Zach, if this is one of the most worthy complaints to reach your inbox, MLers must not have much to bitch about.

  • i thought pigirons comment was hysterical too…soo smart yet so funny yet so true based on the logic.


  • Nearly all of the comments on this post are hysterical. Thanks for the laugh on a dreary morning guys.

    PS goats but you ARE the stinky bum on the park bench ruining my street meat lunch! ;P

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    “but it’s not like each Baja branch is going to send 500 pieces of paper to corporate for some mail room boy to perform some sort of audit.”

    Yeah jackass they do have to have a coupon for every free item they run up. That’s how retail businesses are usually run. You are a huge effing tool.

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