It’s Not Midtown But I Can’t Resist Telling You…

…the very first Profiled Midtown Lunch’er ever (Harry from The Brooklyn Kitchen) is teaming up with butcher extraordinaire Tom Mylan to open a “a food dork megaplex [and butcher shop] on the north side of Williamsburg.” Brooklyn Based broke the news this morning, and the blogs went so crazy… I… well… felt a little left out, and wanted to show how excited I am for the news. They’re good friends of Midtown Lunch, and if you love good food (and meat), which I know you do, you should be as excited as I am. Can’t wait until the opening in October? Tom & the Crew will be hosting a bbq and campout at the Queens Farm this weekend. Smoked beer can chicken, cobbler, and all the Brooklyn Brewery beer you can drink, plus biscuits and gravy in the morning and a Van Halen coverband. How can you not?!? Ticket info is here. We now return to you to your regular scheduled programing… “Fat Man in Midtown Getting Fatter” followed by “Vendor Wars: The How to Caulk Large Concrete Fixtures Episode”.

Photo: Tom Mylan’s butchering class at the Brooklyn Kitchen


  • As a Williamsburg native i was excited about this… then i clicked the ticket info.
    $80 is what I spend on two weeks groceries.

    I hate being poor.

    I will pretend I went.

  • That pigs head gives me horrible memories of “Animal Farm”.

    I saw the 80 buck ticket too Monique. I couldn’t find anywhere where it said it was “all you can drink”, but if it was from 5 onward, I could make it all even out.


    “Food, beer, music, games, a camping spot and parking all included in your $80 per adult ticket. Kids and families are welcome. Tents, which you can rent [here], or car camping is fine. Transportation is up to you.”

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    It is all you can drink and A LOT of food. And Van Hayride. And actual hayrides. And all you can drink Brooklyn Brewery beer.And biscuits and gravy in the am. It’s like dinner, brunch and a night of drinking all rolled into one, on a farm. On the fourth of July it turned into an awesome dance party and campfire makeout fest.

  • anyone carpooling?

  • @Annaliese: Hay rides are passe. I’m from rural-ish Jersey and have been on a handful too many. They just plain suck, unless a guy with a chainsaw jumps out of a tree and revs the damn thing.

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