Is 9th Ave. New York City’s Thai Town?

Ever wonder why there are so many Thai restaurants on 9th Ave. in Hell’s Kitchen? Crain’s interviews the owner of the Yum Yum chain, who admits that he opened four restaurants within two blocks of each other because “he figured customers would consider the proximity a sign of success.”


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    the funny thing is, they interviewed the owner of yum yum where I cant name one thai person would even consider eating…

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    All these thai restaurants and yet the best ones still seem to be outside of that area. However, I enjoy Pam Real Thai and Wondee Siam from time to time. Been meaning to try a few others but none seem to really stick out as the best.

  • The dude that own the 3 Yum Yum’s also owns Bangkok House on restaurant row. Sign of Success? Sign of Thai monopoly in that area.

  • That seems to have been the Greenpoint/Williamsburg Thai restaurant pattern as well.

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