Fancy Fast Food Takes on Miss Softee Tonight at 7:30pm

Have you seen the blog Fancy Fast Food?  It’s this pretty amazing site that takes items from ordinary fast food chains, and turns them into extraordinary looking dishes you could imagine being served at a fancy restaurant. I don’t know how they taste, but they all look pretty amazing.  Greatest hits include the White Castle Sacks they turned into spanish tapas, the Wendy’s Baconator combo turned into a Napoleon, and farfalle made from a Subway $5 footlong.

Want to see them in action?  The dude who runs the site will be doing his thing tonight at Miss Softee’s ice cream truck and filming it.  They’re keeping the actual creation hush hush until it goes down, but Midtown Lunch’ers are all invited to watch, and sample the creations on 47th and 6th around 7:30pm.


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