DC Fusion Lunch Special Now Includes TWO Meats!


When DC Fusion Cafe opened on 7th Ave. btw. 36+37th, I was pretty excited to welcome bourbon chicken back to the Midtown Lunch’ing landscape.  Although I was baffled by their pricing model: $6+ for one meat, one veggie and one starch.  Are you joking?  A true mall food court spot gives you at least the option for two meats (and ideally three!) 

Well, thankfully DC Fusion Cafe has realized the error in their ways and have started offering a special of any two chicken dishes plus a side order for $6.39.  After all bourbon chicken over lo mein is nice, but it’s far better when you can alternate bites with some orange chicken.  Not sure how long this “weekly special” will last, but here’s hoping it’s permanent.

DC Fusion Cafe Brings Back Manhattan Mall Bourbon Chicken


  • sorry to report this zach, but i had the bourbon chicken about 2 mos back and it was a terrible, fatty, boney, mess. i can’t tell if you’ve already tried it or not?

  • I miss the bourbon chicken when they use to serve it at the chinese-run Cajun place in Manhattan Mall. That was good stuff.

    What are the other chicken options besides orange chicken? No general tso’s? teriyaki chicken?

    Definitely PASS on the single with two sides.

  • 5 items for $5 a few blocks down on 34th st, merks this deal all day.

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    This place stays mostly empty. I miss the Pow Wok that was here. They had the most awesome garlic shrimp here. EVER. Actually, all of their meat was awesome, and they had some of the best lo mein I’ve ever had. It had freaking GINGER in it.

    I was so sad when they closed and then place opened up. ;_____;

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    I actually liked pow wok a lot also, ate there at least once a week with a coworker of mine. I will second that the garlic shrimp was indeed awesome.

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    In response to “klaus ok”.
    I don’t know what exactly did u have, but I have had a bourbon chicken combo there like almost once or twice a week since the day they opened up and there was never any bone in it and in addition to “StreetMeasOnsumer3008″, I also missed the Manhattan Mal bourbon chicken from Cajun Cafe, but guess what I found out during Day 1 of DC Fusion Cafe’s grand opening, the team of staff plus the owner were the one’s who originally ran the Cajun Cafe from the Manhattan Mall and yes they now serve general tso chicken as well.

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