“New and Improved” Colonel’s Heart Attack Debuts Tomorrow at Cer Te

All the votes have been tabulated and the Colonel’s Heart Attack has been crowned the winner of Cer Te’s August sandwich challenge. The sandwich will be sold every day for the entire month of September (starting tomorrow, natch.) Also, they’ve sent word that “some improvements” have been made to the sandwich based on feedback from Midtown Lunchers.

Improvements to a “winning” sandwich?

For September we have made the following changes to the Colonel’s Heart Attack:

  • a softer biscuit
  • cheese sauce is more saucy and broiled on the biscuit itself
  • a sprinkling of acini di peppe
  • 2 pieces of chicken rather than one thick piece
  • Collard Greens will be cooked with the traditional ham hocks

We will have the new & improved version starting tomorrow (9/1)

Why on Earth would you make improvements to a sandwich that won a competition based on popular vote!?!  Uh… it won.  Why would you need to improve it?

Oh right… now those of us who thought it was just aiiight have to go back and try it again.  DAMN YOU CER TE!!!


  • I think they need more than a sprinkling of acini di peppe with the cheese sauce. A slather of it on top of the two chicken pieces and bed of collard greens underneath.

    Will softer biscuit even make a difference? Instead of crumble, it goes to mush?

  • mummmm this sounds delicious.

  • I just split this w/ my fiancee- more than enough to feed both of us. Yeah, I know, I’m a wimp. But the servers were nice enough to split in into 2 take-out bags for us, and it was pretty good.

    The sandwich had pretty crumbly biscuit and I doused the it with gravy, so it was a knife-and-fork job. The cheese sauce was good- but I wouldn’t qualify it as “mac-and-cheese” anymore, since the acini di peppe was used so sparingly. Greens and chicken were quality. I’d eat again…maybe in two weeks when my arteries recover.

  • Tried this one today and I have to agree with the overall ML sentiment – it sounds way better than it is. It’s definitely not a hand sandwich, so you’ll need to knife and fork it. I don’t know about everyone else, but what made this seem like a real heart attack sandwich was the ‘mac and cheese’ but the stuff on this sandwich definitely ain’t mac and cheese.

    I do admire the good people at Certe for their efforts though and you’d be hard pressed to find a friendlier bunch at lunch. And even though this sandwich didn’t live up to my unrealistic expectations, the rest of their food is pretty great.

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