Testing Out the $10 Lunch Special at Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted's Montana Grill

I would never eat at Ted Montana Grill (on 51st btw. 6+7th).  What is this Mickey Mouse, owned by Ted Turner, we make bison burgers and are environmentally friendly BS. I’ve got much better places to eat lunch. What’s that you say?  They’re offering a $10 lunch special with mini burgers, meatloaf and more?  Well, I suppose I could check it out.  You know, for work purposes.

In typical Midtown fashion, the deal is $8 for the rest of the country but in Midtown it’s $10.  I guess it’s understandable, and in line with other Steakhouse lunch specials in Midtown- like the one at AJ Maxwell’s. The only difference is, this one is available for take out *and* eat in.  So if you want to have a nice sit down lunch for $10, this is your new spot.  For $10 you get your choice of 5 different entrees.  There’s the pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with fries and slaw, meatloaf sandwich with fries, or the mini burger duo (one bison, one beef) with fries.  There’s also cedar plank salmon and a half soup/half salad special, but what do I look like- a communist?

The two sandwiches were real tempting but I decided to go with the burgers.  I was kind of curious about this whole bison burger thing (despite it’s selling point being that it’s “more lean”.)

Ted's Montana Grill

I have no idea which was bison and which was beef, although I’m guessing the American flag must have indicated one or the other.  Both were well cooked, and not dry at all (partly because they were well cooked, but mostly because they were covered in delicious grease from being griddled.)  They weren’t stingy with the American cheese, although I thought the giant hunk of tomato and the pickles got in the way.  (But that’s just personal preference.)  Each burger was probably just over 2 inches wide. Not huge, but certainly enough food with the fries- which appeared to be fresh cut from real potatoes, a huge bonus.  The burger was well seasoned, and the fries were well salted.  What more could you ask for for $10?  (Actually, you could ask for ketchup and napkins.  They forgot both…)

This place is hopping during lunchtime, so if you do plan on ordering it to go I would do it over the phone.  The order will probably take up to 20 minutes.  It was totally good enough that I will probably head back to try the other two sandwiches.  My only real complaint with the lunch is the fact that they are forced by law to put the calorie count on the menu because there are more than 15 Ted’s Montana Grill locations nationwide.  I don’t need to know that my lunch is over 1000 calories.  Although, I didn’t eat the American flag.  How many calories do you think that saved me?

Ted’s Montana Grill, 110 W. 51st St. (btw. 6+7th), 212-245-5220

Check out a PDF of the $10 lunch special menu here. Only valid from 11am to 4pm.


  • American flag must be hambooger? Bison burger doesn’t warrant a flag. Maybe a post-it.

    It looks okay. I still need to go try that bacon cheeseburger you hate. One of these days. Maybe tomorrow. Will see.

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    I got the pulled chicken and the meatloaf. They are, as we speak, gittin’ in ma belly!

    The half meatloaf sw. I ate was pretty good. But I think the pulled chicken may end up being the star in this bunch. Certainly a better deal. The pile of chicken is larger than the slightly thinish slice of meatloaf, and it comes with some pickles and a good sized bucket o slaw. The pulled chicken is tasty and the slaw is very good and not overly sauced like some generic slaws.

    I think the pulled chicken is the best deal so far, though the salmon may beat it out, depending on the size.

  • Sorry, that loooks like Harry made it…….an angry harry too.

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    I’ve been having a craving for a burger and fries all 1000 calories of them! Which, by the way that law annoys me as well…$10 for lunch is a pretty good deal too. Thanks for the post!

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    I don’t understand why having the nutritional information posted bothers people. Before, I knew vaguely that a Starbucks muffin or a burger and fries weren’t “good for me,” but I didn’t know exactly how much they were adding to my waistline. The more information available, the better — shouldn’t a food-reviewing blog endorse that?

  • Interesting that you should visit Teds, because just this morning, Ted sent me an email:

    “Happy Anniversary from Ted’s. Bring in this email and receive a free Coke® Float for two and celebrate your special day right.”

    Honestly, my wife and I have NEVER eaten in Ted’s — but then, we do NOT eat in restaurants, period. We think WAY too much of our health and well-being.

    On the other hand, we HAVE met and visited with Ted Turner during one of our frequent trips to South Dakota. We DO appreciate his efforts in restoring the bison herds (photos of his herd available on our website), and in fact, we DO eat a fair amount of bison, both ground bison and bison steaks and roasts.

    Now, where the hell did I leave my bison burger with Velveeta?

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    The pulled chicken is really good and there’s a good amount of it. The fries are pretty good. The slaw is good, too. I don’t like pickles, so I didn’t try them.

    $10 well spent.

  • LOL — yes, uncontrolled envy and jealousy is such a corrosive and debilitating disease, even though self-inflicted, by the uneducated, the suicidal, and the unemployed.

    BUT, I am confident that my hero, Barack Obama will find a place, or a job, or free healthcare, or something (anything) that will take the likes of Adam, of Louise (sorry, I meant ‘Fred’) and of the buffalo bagel off of the New Yawk City blogs.

    Then, again, maybe even the Messiah cannot handle some of the uneducated, inbred, bored, rejected, genetically-deficient folks who have mushrooms growing under their tits.

  • what does this comment have to do with Ted’s lunch special?

  • Yabba the Chuck,i’ll .PDF my Goldman Sachs account if you do the same with your 1st National Bank of Deliverance account.

  • I’m glad that Ted’s finally got a little bit of vindication, after Zach chided me when I mentioned it in my Midtown Luncher profile three years ago.

  • haha… touche sir!

  • Does anyone know what DocChuck’s second comment has to do with the stated topic? I do not even have a single PhD myself, so I’m having a tough time figuring it out

  • Actually, although my lovely wife’s and my anniversary was yesterday, I do believe that because of our admiration for the man, I am going to drive all the way to Alexandria tomorrow as a show of my admiration for Mr. Ted Turner.

    Yes, I do believe that we will have one of his restaurant’s “bison burgers” despite my disdain for restaurants in general.

    And, WHY?, do you ask. Because I have actually met the man, talked with the man, and fully appreciate what he is doing to preserve the American bison (despite his very poor judgment used in attempting to preserve Jane Fonda).

    Now, the brain-dead posters above can attack me all they like, but I have no intention of addressing their imbecilic rantings on an individual basis.

    Have a good weekend, Zach.

  • I can’t conceive of any reason why a mover and shaker like Ted Turner would ever want to meet (much less speak) with a brain-dead inbred welfare cheat and intellectual poser.

  • WOW, I am a bit perplexed as to why our MySpace website received over 400 ‘hits’ today, with nearly 150 ‘views’ of my wife’s and my ‘South Dakota’ photos of our friend Ted Turner’s buffalo herds, and the 32 ‘friend requests’.

    I simply ‘can’t conceive’ what we said or did to generate such interest in our dear friend’s restaurant.

    But, whatever.

    Carrry on.

  • Nothing to be perplexed about.

    Like any other story you’ve told here or on other websites you infest with your nonsense, the items you are reporting are fabrications.

    Pretty simple, really.

  • In reference to Ted’s Montana Grill, we must say, AHHHHhhh, yes!

    The bison burger was very well done and presented.

    Not as good as the one that my wife, Doctor Elizabeth, prepares at our Seven Devils condo, mind you, but enjoyable, none the less.

    Thank you, once again, Mr. Turner, for your efforts in preserving the American bison (recent immigrants from italy obviously know little about our true American’s history).

    Thank you for permitting me to photograph you and my wife during our early spring visit to the South Dakota area (as pictured on our website).

    We thoroughly enjoyed the chance to view your extensive herds of bison that so freely roam the area.

    In fact, our agent, Margaret Puszynski, is diligently searching for an acceptable property for us to purchase it the South Dakota area at this time.

    You, sir, are one fine gentleman.

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    Megalomaniacs unite!

  • My Dearest DocChuck PhD.,

    I highly doubt that Mr. Turner reads midtownlunch.com, ergo your baffling soliloquy only further substantiates our belief that your medications need to be readjusted. If a person of right mind and body were attempting to extend personal gratitude to Mr. Truner, an appropriate avenue would be though his personal website,
    http://www.tedturner.com/enterprises/aboutus_contactus.asp or correspondence to:

    Turner Enterprises, Inc.
    133 Luckie Street
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Though I don’t frequent Alabama, i’m confident a quick search on the google will yield some truly excellent psychiatrists in your immediate vicinity.

    Please take care,
    A Concerned Commenter

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