Where Do You Eat Lunch?

If you’re a Serbian student, working a summer job with a moving company, you eat at Djerdan on 38th btw. 7+8th.  “It’s a Bosnian restaurant, but it’s the same food in Serbia. We used to be the same country, Yugoslavia. I can say there I feel like I’m at home.”


  • This is too freaky. my husband noticed this restaurant when we were walking to port authority yesterday. He said, wow, a Bosnian restaurant? that’s rare. we tried to look for a menu but couldn’t find it. we may try this place one of these days.

  • But what should we eat there? suggestions please.

  • I like that place, the kebab sandwiches are epically huge. Good weird little juices too.

  • I have walked past too many times on my way to Go Go Curry or to what ever they call the chinese place next to there. I picked up a menu once, but the food sounded sort of heavy. I will have to check that out for a review when its not so warm out.

  • Djerdan is really good. Pricey, but it is a ton of meat. Really good meat… drool…

  • I see good lunch is the true way to world peace.

  • Any friend of Cevapcici is a friend of mine, but this isn’t entirely accurate. There is a difference between the food of Bosnia and other former Yugoslav republics. Bosniaks typically avoid pork. That said Djerdan is pretty good. I’ve actually heard it’s run by Montenegrans.

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    Ate dinner here once, pretty good. A friend from the Balkan region also enjoyed it. Their specialty is undoubtedly the burek, which probably works well as a lunch compared to the entrees. From what I remember it’s sort of like a spanakopita (the Greek spinach pastry), and there are other available fillings like meat/potato/only cheese.

  • i have eaten here. it’s pretty good, i agree. the cevapi is good and the goulash and mashed potatoes. yum! definitely fall/winter food.

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