What the Hell is “Taj Ma Hot Dog”!?!

taj ma hot dog

This photo isn’t actually from Midtown, it was taken just outside Madison Square Park in front of the Flatiron Building- but I had to post it.  Taj Ma Hot Dog!?!  How could I not? Yesterday was Indian pizza, and now this?  The guy who took the photo didn’t have any extra info, but my hunch is it’s got to be for a movie.  Or maybe Tabla is opening a hot dog stand? Who knows. Got any info?  Put it in the comments, or email it to zach@midtownlunch.com

UPDATE: East Village Idiot has the scoop… it’s a set for the TV show Ugly Betty.

Photo courtesy of JoseSPiano

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  • when we were little, my brother and i used to giggle whenever one of our uncles said taj mahal because it sounded like touch my hole. this is just pushing it.

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    lol Zach

    I can’t wait until Ugly Betty comes back on air though.

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    i also snapped a similar picture walking home yesterday from work. this morning, they’ve got a whole production up — there is this screen and overhead production lighting. my guess is either a movie or some kind of filming segment featuring this zany idea. oh, and the hot dogs have been since improved since this picture: they have some Indian-inspired lamp shade on them now. Interesting scene to say the least!

  • It’s for the new Harold and Kumar movie where Kumar opens his own chain of Indian inspired hot dog stands…

  • Hahah they usually film Ugly Betty down here, darn

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