Today is the Last Day for Cer Te’s August Sandwiches


If you wanted to try one of Cer Te’s five special sandwiches (the ones they’ve been selling every Monday and Tuesday for the past month) but haven’t made it over to 55th btw. 5+6th yet- today is your last chance. After today, the sandwich that gets the most votes on their blog will be the special sandwich for the entire month of September. As of the time of this posting, the Gulfano (southwestern cuban) is beating the Colonel’s Heart Attack by a few votes. I was kind of partial to the croque, but the gulfano was damn good too. No matter what happens, we’ll end up with a tasty sandwich for all of September.

Check Out All 5 of Cer Te’s Crazy August Sandwiches


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    Ugh. I brought a couple of co workers to check this out, and it was a total madhouse. Ended up waiting 30 minutes for our sandwiches.

    After all that, the sandwich was just OK. I had the Heart Attack. It could have used more seasoning, and the biscuit was tough. The PLT my friend had looked better.

    Considering the price and wait time, definitely not worth going back for,

    It’s a shame, because the lobster roll special earlier this year was awesome, and it came with more sides.

  • I went around 12:30 I waited maybe 10-15 mins. It was my first time there. I had the Heart Attack also. I agree it was just okay. Minimal collard greens, and tough bisquit is right! Not the type of mac n cheese I was expecting either.

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