WSJ Recommends Starting a Food Truck

A little piece in the Wall Street Journal’s “Small Business” section today recommends three ways to make opening a food truck more profitable, including using twitter, finding a good location, and buying your truck secondhand. As examples it mentions the Treats Truck, and Spencer on the Go, a cart in San Francisco that makes a 50% profit margin selling takeway frog’s legs, escargot, and sweet breads a few blocks away from their restaurant, where the margins are only 10%. (Uh… can we get one of these carts please!?!?)  Of course if you’re thinking of jumping into the food truck business here in NYC, don’t expect your margins to be that high.  Spencer to Go owns the parking lot in SF where they set up shop, bypassing a huge expense to owning a food truck here in NYC: paying for parking at night, and finding a legal spot to vend during the day (where you won’t be ticketed or hassled by other vendors.)

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  • I want frog’s legs and sweetbreads from a truck!

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    Before deciding to work on a farm for the former Exec Chef of La Bernadin, Lutece, Payards and Windows On The World, I did the math on a cart. I came to the conclusion that unless you’re toting a semi in back of you or charging $10 a plate you can’t make more than a few hundred dinero per day. For dealing with the public? Not worth it.

  • Is this the same WSJ that (several years ago) called Bernie Madoff ” … one of the greatest financial minds of our time”?

    I don’t know, but if the revered Wall Street Journal, in all of its benevolence, says to start a “Food Truck”, then, hell, I want to start AT LEAST two!

    Then again, maybe not.


    Most of us Southen’ rednecks won’t even allow the WSJ to be used in our outhouses any longer.

  • “Most of us Southen’ rednecks won’t even allow the WSJ to be used in our outhouses any longer.”

    Really? Ever since Rupert Murdoch took over, it should be even more suited to Southern tastes. They even started a sports section for cripes sake.

  • The folks at the trailer park in rural Arkansas where DocChuck lives with TingTong, his blowup doll, and his two novelty store PhD certificates generally use court summons, junk mail, and yard leaves in place of toilet paper when they run out of reproductions of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

  • @ ‘chris6sigma’:

    YES, you are correct.

    But many of us Southen’ rednecks are not interested in sports other than in chasin’ our female cousins, siccin’ our hounds onto those pesky coons (the Chicago breed excluded), cuddlin’ up with our blowup dolls, and sittin’ down to take a pee — sorta’ like ‘Fred’.

    Excuse me, I have to make a quick trip to the trailer parks’ privy with a few yard leaves.

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    You can squeeze and strain until you subconjunctival hemorrhage but you’d still be full of shit.

  • HUH, ‘Bossman’?

    I mean, I respect your expertise at using Google and all of that, but you should not permit the medical jargon to confuse you (read that, BLOW you mind, Bossman).

    You need to put down the chilled vodka, review your medical terminology, check up on your knowledge of anatomy, then determine the limits of what the medical practitioners describe as “full of shit” — in a capacity sense of the word.

    Then, ‘Bossman’, why don’t you join “Fred”, kick back and relax, then sit down and take a pee.

    You will feel better after being relieved.

    Trust me.

  • We’re quite certain we understand what “full of crap” means – and DocChuck, you are the iconic post child of the term.

    What we don’t understand is why you, a well-established hater of all things New York and of restaurants, continue to bother us with your blather.

  • Because, ‘Fred’, a disgruntled, lonely, sexually-confused, anonymous person, such as yourself does not understand that I do NOT need YOUR permission on what to read, when to read it, where to read it, or how to read it.

    As to your comment, ” … us …”, do you have a mouse in your panties, Fred?

    Or, do you just WISH you did?

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