More on the Vendy Award Nominees

Serious Eats: New York has posted delicious looking write ups of all the 2009 Vendy Award nomineesBiryani Cart, Martinez Taco Truck, King of Falafel & Shawarma, and the Jamaican Dutchy. (And I’m hearing the Rickshaw Dumpling post is on the way takedown has been posted here.)  If the photos alone don’t make you want to buy tickets, I don’t know what will.


  • Clearly they wanted to get the delicious ones out of the way before they turn to the Rickshaw Truck.

  • buy 80-150 dollar tickets to sample 5 dollar plates? I think basic economics is whats keeping me away.

  • @AL – Touche! Although, just so you know, it’s full plates of food (not “dollar” samples), and there are still a more vendors to be announced (dessert vendors, etc.)

    And I think it includes all you can drink beer and wine.

  • Oh, and Gus Soda… and admission into the Queens Museum. And it’s tax deductible. So, not a terrible deal.

  • All right, Ticket gets you free food for the entire day, open bar with wine beer and soda. So it’s worth it, if you like standing on lines. also gets you free admission to the queens museum of art, although, it just as easy to sneak in the back on most days.

    It’s worth going to the queens museum just to see their GIANT scale model of NYC they got in there.

  • Not to mention that a portion of the proceeds/donations go to fund the Street Vendor Project.

  • Got Jamaican Dutchy for lunch today. Tried the stewed chicken which was awesome. Perfect if you’re dragging along someone who has infantilized tastes (no offense Harry) and doesn’t want bones and skin with their chicken.

    Anyway, there was virtually no line at JD, but I saw a lengthy line at Ricksaw on the way back to the office. Just goes to show there’s no accounting for tastes.

  • I’m not saying it ain’t expensive… I just wanted to make sure people realized you get more than 5 little food “samples”

  • Think of it as a charitable donation, and the food cart feast is just a bonus.

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