What Could You Possibly Learn From Me?

Shockingly Whole Foods Bowery Culinary Center thinks the answer to that question is something, because they’ve asked me to host a “Crash Course in Food Blogging” on October 1st at 7pm. Topics will include “How did this shmuck get so lucky?” and “Why doesn’t anybody care what *I* ate for lunch?” It’s $25, and those of you who have blogs or want to start a blog can sign up here.


  • what about “Street Meat and You: The Perfect Combination”?

    Isn’t the cost over the ML limit?

  • That’s awesome Zach! I’ll probably be there… to heckle you. LOL

  • If you charge ML readers $10, i will make an appearance.

  • 25 bucks and there’s no food? That’s definitely too pricey for lecture only. Maybe if a halal cart catered the event.

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    Funny how a having a good idea, hard work and doing a good job can be seen as ‘Getting lucky’

  • I refuse to take part in anything at that Whole Foods that doesn’t feature Wai Chu as the headliner.

    I mean com’om the guy’s name is Wai Chu, you could base a food blog on that premise alone and it would blow ML out of the water…

  • I love Whole Foods and I like you, but I’m saving the $25 for a pound of Chilean Sea Bass and package or organic Sunday bacon. :)

  • Good for you Zach! Personally, I think $25 is ridiculous, but I bet you get a decent crowd anyway.

  • Maybe if you bring your adorable son, you may get more people :)

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    How one can learn how to sell out?

    WF is the antithesis of everything ML used to stand for.

    An opportunity isn’t an opportunity if one’s values are compromised.

    The Vendy thing, while a major faux pas, at least exposed them for what they are, but this?

    I call media whore(and I say that as a huge supporter)

    Again Sir, I ask, what are you teaching that boy?

    P.S. – you know you’ve reached rock bottom when Bossman feels the need to play the role of your conscience.

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