Navigating Cafe Zaiya Just Became a Little Easier

For me, the fun of Cafe Zaiya has always been to wander around aimlessly marveling at their wonders.  The selection can be overwhelming sometimes, and the crowds unforgiving, but there are still few places I enjoy more than this fast food Japanese wonderland on 41st btw. Mad+5th.  But if you’re one of those regulars who knows exactly what you want, but hates pushing through crowds to get it, you’ll be excited for this news. Cafe Zaiya has just added an online ordering system to their website. It looks like the system only works from 10am to 2pm, and as of right now you can only order sandwiches, bento boxes, and rice balls (I’m assuming baked goods, sushi, salads, and everything else will be added soon.)

I’ll probably stick with suffering through the crowds, and fighting to snag whatever fresh bento boxes they just brought out.  It’s part of the charm of the place.

A Food Porn Guide to Navigating Your Way Through Cafe Zaiya
Cafe Zaiya: Original Post (8/16/2006)

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