Parker Meridien Offers 50% off Knave Sandwiches

Remember the good old days (aka one month ago), when the Burger Joint used their twitter account to give us deals to the Burger Joint?  Well this week they’ve decided to offer a discount at a place you might not have known about (I certainly didn’t.) Mention “Twitter Lunch” at the Knave, a little coffee and sandwich spot that opened last year in the Parker Meridien Hotel, and get 50% off any of their sandwiches (regularly priced at $8).  They have three options (Parma Ham and Stracchino Cheese, Smoked Chicken with Pesto Sauce, and Smoked Salmon with Fresh Herbs) and the deal is good all week long (8/17-8/21) from 11:30am to 3pm. The Knave can be found in the passageway between the 57th Street entrance to the hotel, and the lobby. Fancy pants sandwiches for $4? I might have to check this out at some point this week. (Oh, and even though The Knave doesn’t normally do take out, the sandwich deal will be available to go.)

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    knave sandwiches are small–not just by american standards. $4 is a deal, though they should probably be priced at $5 or $6–not $8

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